How to Repost a Story on Instagram
If you've seen a story on Instagram and you'd love to reshare it, there are several methods that you can repost a story on Instagram, whether it's a post that if you're tagged in or not.
Dan Reyes - Jul 01, 2022
How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone, iMessage, Android
There are times when you call the correct number but no one answers your calls and your texts are ignored. Even though you can't be sure about whether they blocked your number unless you ask the person, there are some signs that will help you figure it out. Here are different ways to know if someone blocked your number on iPhone, iMessage, and Android.
Lucas Brennan - Jul 01, 2022
How to Share your Screen on FaceTime using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac
If you are making a Facetime call, you can let others see what's on your display. You can share everything, from a photo, a webpage, to another app. Here's how to share screen on Facetime for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
Lewis DeMars - Jun 30, 2022
How To Turn Off the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max
If you are wondering how to turn off the iPhone 11, follow our simple guide to power down your iPhone 11 properly. Turning off the iPhone 11 works differently from the way it used to on older iPhone models.
Lewis DeMars - Jun 30, 2022
How to Open Task Manager in Windows 11
There are several ways to open the Task Manager in Windows 11. The Task Manager provides users with information about the operating processes and programs.
Lewis DeMars - Jun 29, 2022
How to Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone and Android
If you are using iPhone or Android devices, you can allow another device to connect to the network without manual password entry. Here's how to share WiFi password on iPhone and Android. It's easy and doesn't require a third party app.
Lewis DeMars - Jun 29, 2022
How to Play Wordle Game
Wordle is the most popular word guessing game today. It comes with a daily puzzle in which you need to guess a five-letter word in 6 tries. Here's how to play Wordle game!
Pat Harrell - Jun 28, 2022
How to Clear Google Search History
Follow this guide to know how to clear the Google Search history from your Google account, from Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser on a computer and on a mobile device (Android, iOS).
Pat Harrell - Jun 28, 2022
How to Split Screen in Windows 11
With a multitasking feature called Snap Layout, you can easily split screen in Windows 11 into 2, 3, and 4 sections. Read this article for a detailed guide on how to split screen on Windows 11.
Dan Reyes - Jun 27, 2022
How to Block a Number on iPhone
If you are annoyed with spam calls or there is someone like your ex-boyfriend or a former friend that you don't want to hear from them ever again, you can block that person easily on your iPhone. Here's how to block a number on iPhone.
Dan Reyes - Jun 27, 2022

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