How to See Liked Posts on Instagram
You can view your previous likes photos and posts on Instagram and use them as a bookmark for your future references. Here's how to see likes posts on Instagram on Android, iOS, and Desktop.
Alex Wawro - Sep 04, 2022
How to Copy and Paste on Mac
Copy and paste is one of the most basic and useful shortcuts that you need to know. This article shows you different ways to copy and paste or cut on a Mac, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and even across Apple devices.
Brian Hoeg - Sep 03, 2022
iPad Not Charging? Here’s Why & How to Fix
If you plugged your iPad in but the screen still remains completely black and it's not charging, this article will explain why this happens and how to fix the "iPad not charging" issue.
Alex Wawro - Sep 01, 2022
Airpods Won't Connect? Here's the Fix
AirPods are reliable accessories that you can easily pair and connect with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. If you are having trouble connecting your Airpods, here's how to fix Airpods won't connect issue.
Lucas Brennan - Aug 30, 2022
How to Make Facebook Private
If you don't want your personal data, birthdays, friends list, and updates to be on public display, you can change the privacy setting and make Facebook private. Here's how.
Brian Hoeg - Aug 29, 2022
How to Turn off Autocorrect
Autocorrect is a great feature that automatically corrects the spelling of a word as you type on your Android or iPhone. However, it sometimes can be an annoying feature. Here's how to turn off Autocorrect on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Word.
Matthew Lynley - Aug 27, 2022
How to force quit on a Mac
You can force quit an application on a Mac to shut down the unresponsive application and get your Mac to work as normal. Here's how to force quit on Mac.
Dan Reyes - Aug 26, 2022

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