How to Share Location on iPhone
You can share your location on iPhone via iMessage, Contacts, Google Maps, or Apple Maps and let someone know exactly where you are. Here's how.
Adrian Brady - Jul 10, 2022
How to Reset Apple Watch
Resetting the Apple Watch is easy and can be done either through the paired iPhone or the Apple Watch itself. Here's how to reset and factory reset your Apple Watch.
Adrian Brady - Jul 10, 2022
How to Enable Cookies on iPhone
Here's how to enable cookies in Safari and Chrome on an iPhone. It is extremely simple. You can also learn how to delete the cookies you have stored.
Dan Reyes - Jul 10, 2022
How to Delete Photos from iPhone
Knowing how to delete photos from an iPhone is a useful skill if you don't want to see some photos or free up some space for your device. Here's how to delete photos from iPhone or recover them if you accidentally delete them.
Dan Reyes - Jul 08, 2022
How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps
You can drop a pin on Google Maps to save an address if the location you want to go doesn't have an address or if the address is incorrect and has yet to be mapped. You can do that on both Desktop and mobile devices.
Pat Harrell - Jul 07, 2022
How To View Your Saved Passwords in Google Chrome
Google Chrome has a handy password manager that helps you store username and passwords for different sites. This article shows you how to view your saved passwords in Google Chrome on both Desktop and mobile.
Lucas Brennan - Jul 05, 2022
How to Unblock Someone on iPhone
If you want to start getting calls and messages from someone you've blocked, you can unblock their phone number so they can contact you again. Here's how to unblock someone on iPhone.
Pat Harrell - Jul 04, 2022
How to Download and Use iTunes on Windows 10 and 11
How to download iTunes for Windows 10 and 11? How to use iTunes on your PC to manager your media collection like music, movies, and TV shows. Read on this guide to find out.
Lewis DeMars - Jul 03, 2022
How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone
The default alarm tone on iPhone is Radar but you can change the alarm sound whenever you want with the Clock app. It's easy. Read on to find out how.
Dan Reyes - Jul 02, 2022
How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone, iMessage, Android
There are times when you call the correct number but no one answers your calls and your texts are ignored. Even though you can't be sure about whether they blocked your number unless you ask the person, there are some signs that will help you figure it out. Here are different ways to know if someone blocked your number on iPhone, iMessage, and Android.
Lucas Brennan - Jul 01, 2022

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