Turn off notification sounds
If your Facebook notification sounds are turned on, you will hear an alert whenever you receive a notification. This article shows you how to turn off notification sounds on Facebook.
Dylan Hewitt - Mar 31, 2017
Add or remove friends from a list
On Facebook, you can create different lists to categorize friends. Using a list, you can filter the stories you see in your News Feed or post an update for specific people.
Dylan Hewitt - Mar 31, 2017
Turn notifications for Close Friends on or off
You'll automatically get notifications about posts from your close friend on Facebook. However, you have options whether to get those notifications or not.
Dylan Hewitt - Mar 30, 2017
Adjust your email notifications from Facebook
If your email inbox is flooded with Email notifications from Facebook and it sometimes distracts you from important matters, you can adjust what you want to get notified about.
Dylan Hewitt - Mar 30, 2017

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