How to Delete a TikTok Video
If you accidentally shared a TikTok video before it was ready, or if you no longer want some of your older content to show up on your TikTok profile, you can delete your videos or make them private so that only you can see them.
Adrian Brady - Jul 29, 2022
How to know if someone has blocked you on TikTok
TikTok allows you to block or unblock someone, or check if someone has blocked you. So how to know someone has blocked you on Tiktok. Here are the steps for you to know if someone has blocked you on Tiktok.
Harley Gibbs - May 31, 2022
How to Recharge TikTok Wallet
If you want to do business or make purchases on the TikTok app, use the Tiktok wallet and top up the wallet. How to top up the TikTok wallet is very simple, follow the steps below.
Harley Gibbs - Jan 15, 2022
TikTok Sign Out
TikTok Sign Out - How to sign out of your TikTok account from your web browser and your mobile app.
Harley Gibbs - Jan 15, 2022
How to Turn On TikTok Dark Mode in Android and PC
Turning on dark mode on Tiktok will help you reduce eye strain. You can comfortably watch videos and entertain yourself on TikTok without worrying about eye problems.
Harley Gibbs - Jan 01, 2022
How to Turn On TikTok Dark Mode on iPhone
Currently, TikTok has a dark mode for the iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook PC. Turning on dark mode on TikTok helps to reduce eye strain. Setting dark mode will not affect the look of TikTok videos. Unfortunately, TikTok still doesn't have a dark mode on Android! Please wait for the update of the next update of Tiktok.
Harley Gibbs - Dec 21, 2021
How to Create TikTok Account on PC?
Tiktok has become the hottest video social networking application in the world today. By registering for a Tiktok account, you can use all Tiktok services such as watching videos, uploading videos, and making friends around.
Harley Gibbs - Dec 15, 2021

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