How to Delete your Twitter Account
If you want to leave Twitter behind, you can permanently delete your account. This option is only available for on the web. Twitter doesn't provide any method for deleting an account via the mobile app.
Dylan Hewitt - Mar 07, 2022
How to block Wordle scores on your Twitter feed
If you get bored and annoyed when you see unwanted Wordle tweets, perform a muting of words or hashtags related to the game. That way, you won't see any Wordle score posts in your timeline.
Harley Gibbs - Feb 28, 2022
How to Delete Your Twitter Search History
Let's see how to delete your Twitter history on both Desktop and mobile devices. If you want to have a fresh start on Twitter, deleting your search history will go a long way. It gives your timeline a new lease of life.
Dylan Hewitt - Feb 02, 2022
Twitter Rolls Back AMP Support ​at the end of this year
Recently, Twitter announced: Twitter stopped supporting AMP, no longer sends users to AMP pages. Twitter made an announcement: The AMP feature will be phased out in the fourth quarter of this year.
Harley Gibbs - Nov 23, 2021
How to change your recovery email on Telegram
Telegram allows you to set up a recovery email address to keep your account secure. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to changing the recovery email on the Telegram app
Harley Gibbs - Oct 10, 2021
How to Save a Tweet as a Draft?
Twitter users now can save a tweet as a draft then come back to refine and publish it later. This may come in handy when you are in the middle of composing a tweet then something interrupted you. This guide will show you how.
Dylan Hewitt - May 09, 2020
Like a Tweet or Moment
The Like button on Twitter is used to show your appreciation to what someone has shared or posted online. It's represented by a small heart button. If you set your profile public, your likes are also visible on your profile.
Dylan Hewitt - Sep 15, 2017
How to update Twitter profile
Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world and one of the largest source of breaking news. In Twitter, you can customize your profile in an instant. Here's how to update your Twitter profile.
Amber Heard - Aug 09, 2017
How to recover password for Twitter
This article shows you how to reset a forgotten Twitter password. You need to remember the email address or phone number associated with your Twitter account in order to recover your password.
Amber Heard - Aug 09, 2017

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